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Search Strings:

Search Strings help to locate high PvP IVs, as demonstrated by the gif to the right which finds the Rank 3 Venonat for Great League.

The Search String Generator first compiles all possible IV combinations (up to 4096), sorts them by PvP Rank, and then keeps only the Top X Ranks, which are output as the Search String. For Trashing Strings, this output is then inverted to create the Trash Strings.

Search String Animated Gif

Trashing strings are the inverse of Search Strings. First the Search String is generated, and then it is inverted to create the Trashing String (meaning high PvP IVs are excluded with Trash Strings).

This is demonstrated with the gif on the right showing the Rank 3 Venonat disappearing when the Trash String is pasted in, revealing only safe to trash Venonat (below the match threshold).

Trash String Animated Gif

This expected behavior. The Search Strings are designed to find all possible high Rank PvP IVs, which can then be appraised to find the actual high PvP IVs. They will ALWAYS find the actual high-ranking IVs (along with false positives).

Trash Strings have the opposite guarantee: they will NEVER identify high ranking mon, and all that are matched by a Trash String will be worse than the rank specified. However, there will be additional IVs that should also be trashed but are not matched (to ensure that high ranks will always be excluded).

The error message "The phrase must contain at least two characters." on iOS is triggered when a Text Replacement phrase over 2000 characters is entered and then the "Save" button is tapped.
iOS 2000 char limit error message

The solution is either to copy+paste the strings directly from our Search String generator into the PoGo search bar, or split them into multiple Text Replacement phrases, each under the 2000 character limit as shown in the following 5 images:

How to Fix iOS Error: "The phrase must contain at least two characters"
1: Locate Output Split Boxes (bottom)
Example Rhyhorn Search String
2: Create Text Replacements for Each Split Box
Example Text Replacement Phrases
3: Load First Text Replacement into PoGo Search
Entering first Text Replacement into PoGo
4: Load Second (and remaining) Text Replacements...
Entering Remaining Text Replacements...
5: Full Search String Loaded into PoGo!
Combined Full Search String


Welcome Trainers! I originally created this website when the PvP IVs website experienced extended downtime, which helped me realize I could build my own instead. It was a fun challenge, and now has blossomed into a playground for a variety of Pokemon Go related tools, such as our PvP IVs Search String generator, our Type Chart generator, and companion Typing Quiz.

Please feel free to reach out on Discord if you have any ideas of how to improve this site, or have suggestions for what should be built next. Happy hunting!

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Description of features and functionality for the Pokémon Go PvP IVs website: If you have any questions, feel free to comment / open issues here on GitHub or reach out on our Discord (tag @DeathByToast#0529)

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Search Strings generator

Basic usage to generate Search String for any Pokémon:

  1. Enter a “Final Mon” (Pokémon) in the box at the top, which will autocomplete after two characters are entered
  2. Either click to select (or touch on mobile), or use arrow keys / enter to select the desired Pokémon


Type Chart generator

How to read the chart:

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